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Get Notified of New Auctions:

What Does The Online Auction Do?

The Online Auction has a unique approach to auctions:

1. Choose either pickup or delivery, let us know you'd like it delivered or sign up on Schedule Pickup Tab

2. Auctions are weekly all online which feature a variety of items, and we also hold specialized auctions on occasion as well.

3. Those that have bid with us in the past will recieve notifications for new auctions as they come available. These of course can be opted out of at any time.

4. The Online Auction also accepts consignments as well!

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What Is The Auction Schedule?

Our auctions run online Friday at 6pm through Tuesday Closing 7pm. At 7pm an item by item close Begins.


Buying At The Online Auction

Participating in our auctions is a straightforward process. First, click on the Auction tab and locate the auction you want to join.

Next, click the "Register to Bid" button for that auction. If you have never participated in our auctions before, click the "Click here if you are a new bidder" button to create an account with your login credentials. Once you have created an account, you will only need to do so once, and your login will work for all future auctions.

During registration, you will need to provide your debit/credit card information, which will be used to pay for any items you win. There are no charges for registering or bidding, and you will only be charged for the items you win, along with the Buyer's Premium, Shipping (if it applies to you) and Tax. With registration complete, you can now bid on any item in the auction by submitting your bid.

To increase your bid, you can either bid the next increment or place a "max bid". The latter will automatically keep you as the high bidder until your maximum bid is reached.


Please note that all bids are final, and we do not allow retractions. Make sure you inspect the item thoroughly and bid on the correct item for the correct amount before placing a bid. If you are outbid, you will receive an email notification so you can increase your bid if desired.

After the auction ends, you will receive an email notifying you of the items you won, and you will be sent an invoice via Square. If your square invoice has not been paid we will run the card on file. Your items will then be packaged, measured and weighed. Once we have finished doing so, we will get quotes from UPS, USPS, & Fedex whichever is cheaper we will use and charge you for. Keep in mind WE DO NOT SET SHIPPING PRICES. 


**Note: by bidding you are acknowledging and accepting that shipping cost is not cause to recind the sale, or cause for shipping, or cause for lawsuit.**


It's worth noting that our auctions have a "soft close" feature to prevent last-minute sniping. If a bid is placed in the last few minutes of an auction, the item's bidding will be extended by three minutes to give other bidders a chance to participate.

If you need assistance with bidding or registration, or just have a question don't hesitate to contact us at

Selling At The Online Auction

Opting to sell your merchandise through auctions can prove to be a wise decision. Auctions allow for buyers to compete against each other, driving up the price of your items. This process directly sells into the market at the highest price that buyers are willing to pay, eliminating the need for guesswork or valuation concerns.

Our auctions are posted online, enabling bidders from anywhere to participate and potentially driving up the final price even further. With more participation, you're bound to get better results. So, experience the benefits of online auctions and schedule an auction with us today!

If you're interested in selling your items through our auction, here's what you need to do:

First, bring us your high-quality items that are no larger than 3ft in any direction, we focus on small shippable items. If you have a full estate you'd like bought out we have a referral company that does those too! DO NOT BRING ITEMS OVER 3FT IN ANY DIRECTION WE WILL DECLINE THEM.

Next, complete a consignor form/contract to finalize the agreement PRIOR to coming in. If you need one contact ericsprunier@gmail.comm

Once your items have been sold, simply come and pick up your check. Checks are written the Friday AFTER auction close.

It really is that easy! We'll take care of all the hard work for you.

After receiving your items, whether it's a collection or a single item, we take photographs of each item or group of items, and then categorize them into catalogs that are listed on our website for the upcoming auction. We promote the auction through various channels, including online platforms and local newspapers.

Once the auction is over, we will provide you with a comprehensive report on your sold items and a check, minus any applicable fees or commissions. Our commission rates are calculated based on the type and selling price of the items.

Our Commissions At The Online Auction Typically Are As Follows:

Commission Break Down


Default/General Items












**must have valid title**


**NOTE: ** Please note: All commissions are charged on a per item basis. Our minimum commission is $3. If the item is unsold, the $3 minimum commission will still apply.


Placing Reserves

Reserves: You may elect to set a minimum bid price for an item. When setting a minimum, make sure that is the absolute lowest price you would accept. Also note we do disclose your reserve to encourage bidding. This is because we have noticed bidders do not like bidding on items they aren't sure what they have to bid it to in order to actually win. That is not necessarily the price it will sell for, but the RESERVE MET signal will be given to buyers, encouraging more participation and bidding. If you set a reserve and the reserve is not met, meaning the bids didn't reach your reserve, we do charge 15% of your reserve amount in order to pay for fees we are charged for each bid, percentage of the overall value, and listing fee. 

Ready To Consign?

**No items bigger than 3ft in any direction (unless it's an automobile)**

If you are ready to consign with us. Print off the PDF below. Read through this pdf thoroughly. Follow the directions in the pdf and when ready sign it and bring your items on by.


Items can be brought to the alley behind 1824 W Sharp between Sharp and Sinto two spaces into the alley from Elm on your right. We might be adding another location or moving our drop location soon. We will update this if that is the case and contact our consignors if that does occur. 

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